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Working with our partners, we  have focussed on providing a solution that specialises in data analytics and generative AI.  Scout can help businesses to unlock the value of their data and drive growth. Scout has proven in testing its ability to accelerate development, build and inspect content, and assist in brainstorming along with research tasks. It’s ability to work with a variety of file types whilst simultaneously processing multiple files, provides for both better results and cost savings.

Lucion FileCenter


Estimated increase in teams productivity using Gen AI (NNgroup)


Average weekly time saved by each employee by using Gen AI (Forbes)


of business executives believe Gen AI is key to future success (Deloitte)


Estimated cost savings achieved by adopting Gen AI (Gartner)

The Black Box Scout, embodies the following characteristics:

  1. Intuitive Navigation:

    • Like a skilled scout navigating the wilderness, this AI model excels at finding optimal paths through complex data landscapes.

    • It guides users efficiently, providing insights and recommendations.

  2. Keen Observation:

    • Just as a scout observes tracks and signs, the AI model analyses patterns, detects anomalies, and identifies hidden correlations.

    • It pays attention to details that others might overlook.

  3. Adaptability:

    • Native scouts adapt to diverse terrains. Similarly, this AI model is versatile, handling various tasks—whether in natural language understanding, image recognition, or decision-making.

    • It adjusts its approach based on context.

  4. Resourcefulness:

    • A scout relies on available resources. This AI model creatively uses existing data, algorithms, and tools to solve problems.

    • It optimises its “survival” in the digital landscape.

  5. Cultural Wisdom:

    • Native scouts historically carried ancestral knowledge. Our AI model draws from vast datasets, historical context, and cultural nuances.

    • It respects diversity and avoids biases.

  6. Swift Communication:

    • Scouts delivered messages swiftly. Our AI model communicates effectively, whether through concise summaries, detailed reports, or visualisations.

    • It bridges the gaps between users and information.


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