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Black Box Cloud Storage

Black Box offer a free of charge secure cloud hosting service for clients who use our following services:

  • Document Scanning

  • Photo Scanning

  • Creative Slideshow Creations

  • VHS Tape/Micro Video Conversion

  • Cine Film Conversion

  • Microfiche Conversion

The service is provided via the Black Box cloud hosting platform with all client data being hosted within the EU.

Why Choose Our Cloud Storage System?

Free Up Office Space

​If you have paper records that are currently taking up space in your office, digitising these records can save you both storage space and money. At Black Box we can temporarily store your paper records within secure onsite sea containers before they are scanned thus immediately freeing up client office space to be utilised more efficiently.

Fast File Access

Scanning your records can help you share the information/content contained within those records instantly with a variety of users, such as staff and customers in multiple locations. 

Avoid Complications

Many organisations could not recover and continue to trade in the event of disaster such as a fire, flood, or sabotage. Scanned records can be an integral part of your organisations Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan by providing backup copies of your paper vital records in an easily portable digital format. 

Our Cloud Storage Offers

We currently have three levels of cloud storage offers ranging from our basic cloud storage to our premium cloud storage. Details of these can be found below.

Basic Cloud Storage

Our basic cloud storage is free to every Black Box customer and consists of access to the Black Box Cloud file sharing platform. With the basic package you can view and share any documents which have been scanned and uploaded to the cloud by Black Box whilst the scanning project is ongoing.

Standard Cloud Storage

Our standard cloud storage is free to customers who have a minimum spend of £200/month on Black Box services. Alongside the basic access to files on the Black Box Cloud platform, you can also upload your own digital documents. The allocated cloud storage is 10Tb with an unlimited number of user accounts meaning that you never have to worry about a lack of storage or who can upload, share and access files..

Premium Cloud Storage

Our premium cloud storage is available to customers who have a minimum spend of £300/month on Black Box services. In addition to being able to upload your own digital documents, your cloud sharing area is fully customisable meaning that we can add your branding to your Sharefile space. This is especially beneficial if you are sharing files with your existing client base as your logo and brand colours will feature on the page.

Looking To Digitise Your Documents?

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