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Document Management Software

We have partnered with FileCenter to bring you FileCenter Automate and Lucion Fileshare. Two high quality software packages which we offer to our customers at low prices, making your document management efficient and affordable.

FileCenter Automate

FileCenter Automate

FileCenter Automate is an intelligent software which converts documents into searchable PDF files. Whether your files are being uploaded from a network scanner or sitting in existing digital folders, FileCenter Automate turns scans and images into searchable PDFs so you can find and edit your documents efficiently.

This handy piece of software is currently being offered free of charge to all our valuable clients, please contact us for more information.

Create Searchable PDFs

Files are converted into archival-quality PDFs which are fully searchable and ready to be indexed. If you have decades worth of old scans sitting on your hard drive, this software will convert them into useable PDFs.

Automatic Conversion

FileCenter Automate runs behind the scenes, automatically converting and separating your files.

Schedule Jobs

Flexible scheduling options are available, whether you require conversion jobs at a specific time each day, or a specific day of the week, FileCenter Automate can accommodate them all.

Monitoring Folders

Automatically detects new files, FileCenter Automate can inspect a single folder or an entire drive and will automatically convert new files.

Route Documents

FileCenter Automate will auto-save documents to pre-determined locations, routing documents based on document separators or based on information within the document itself. 

Automatic OCR Feature

Optical character recognition is an automatic feature, ensuring your files are optimised for keyword searching.

Lucion FileCenter

Lucion FileCenter

Lucion FileCenter is an affordable and easy-to-use document management software, combining scanning and file organisation with the ability to edit and search PDF documents.

Electronic Filing Cabinets

Lucion FileCenter offers an efficient and user friendly electronic filing cabinet system, allowing you to store documents in a cabinet/drawer/folder layout. Once installed, cabinets ‘overlay’ regular Windows directories automatically, so existing files will appear in cabinets without the need to import them.

Open/Save Integration

Lucion FileCenter can be integrated with the ‘save’ and ‘open’ functions of most programmes such as MOS Word and MOS Excel. Users have the option to replace standard Windows ‘save’ and ‘open’ dialogs with custom FileCenter versions so that files can be saved directly into your FileCenter file cabinets.

Manage Incoming Files

Manage the inflow of new files with an inbox. In split view mode, you can see both incoming files and your regular cabinets, you can then move incoming files into your set cabinets, making files organisation simple.

Folder Templates

Turn your folder layouts into reusable templates. After defining your reusable folder layout, you can then apply these layouts to any drawer or folder. By maintaining consistent layout structures across all of your cabinets, you will create a user-friendly file organisation system.

Preview Documents

The preview pane allows you to see real-time previews of office documents, images or PDF files without opening each individual file, making document browsing efficient and fast.

Document Sharing

Share whole cabinets of documents by placing your cabinet into a shared network folder and point your users towards the shared cabinets. Everyone will automatically share the same files, and any changes will be visible to everyone immediately.

Recover Files

FileCenter provides the option to keep a 'recycle bin' containing a copy of deleted files on network drives, meaning that if something is deleted accidentally, it can be easily recovered.

Cloud Access

FileCenter Lucion is fully compatible with most popular cloud providers such as Citrix, DropBox, SugarSync, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, meaning you can access your FileCenter cabinets from your chosen cloud provider.

PDF Editing Suite

 FileCenter Lucion supports PDF creation, conversion and editing. With this feature, you can combine PDF files, split or merge documents, add or delete pages, and digitally sign files or fill out PDF forms.

Looking to Implement an Efficient Document Management System?

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