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AI Data Capture

We have partnered with Firemind & Chronoscan to create an AI based OCR and prompt GenAI driven data capture/retrieval service. Utilising AI allows us to intelligently capture and export data via a series of complex rules and prompts. 

Lucion FileCenter

AI Intelligent Data Capture & Processing

The technology we have utilised allows us to specialise in the automation of document processing and data extraction. Our primary focus has been the streamlining of invoice processing and accounts payable automation for businesses. However with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning we can now extract data from various document/file types be they Contracts, HR Files, Data Input Forms or Reports to name just a few.

 By automating these processes, we aim to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save time for our clients. 

Looking to Implement an Efficient Document Management System?

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