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Supporting Education

Black Box work to support Education establishments, digitising HR, business files and student records. Our free of charge Educational cloud portals have been created primarily to assist in accessing urgent files very quickly.


We have experienced a number of occasions where various Government agencies have requested access to student files that had recently been collected by us. On each occasion, we were able to pick out the individual files from storage, scan them and upload the files to the secure portal within 15-20 minutes of the request being received. An authorised user either within the academy or representing the Government agency has then been able to log onto the cloud and accessed the student record within seconds of it being uploaded.

All Educational cloud portals are full text/content searchable, this means that authorised users can type in a search request for a home address postcode, parents workplace or relatives contact details, and quickly retrieve a record stored within an electronic file room containing thousands of other records.

How Does Our Education Service Work?


When an academy is in a position to have its files digitised we first estimate the number of pieces of paper contained within the archive to scan and then provide a cost to process the files. Assuming the budgets have been agreed we then deliver archive crates for the files to be placed within . Once the crates have been filled they are then sealed prior to transportation.

Education Cloud Portals

With regards to the Educational Cloud portals we have taken the view that if scanning works are ongoing i.e. we are to receive student/HR records to scan each year from individual Academies/Schools, we will keep the Cloud portals containing the records live without charging for this service. If with the progress of time the scanning of records is no longer required then an optional nominal charge can be applied to keep the service running.

Recent Case Study

Leigh Academies Trust

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For several years, we have been working with the Leigh Academies Trust as it moves towards digitising its HR, business files and student records. 

One by one, we are gradually taking on the scanning of  HR and business files for each individual academy within the trust. 

The service we provide for Educational establishments is very straightforward and the process is essentially the same for each academy.

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Looking To Digitise Your Documents?

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