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Rapid Response Service

Black Box are pleased to provide our "Rapid Response Scan on Demand" service, files can be scanned and uploaded to our secure Citrix ShareFile cloud on most occasions in less than 30 minutes.

Why Choose Our Rapid Response Service?


Free Up Office Space

​If you have paper records that are currently taking up space in your office, digitising these records can save you both storage space and money. At Black Box we can temporarily store your paper records within secure onsite sea containers before they are scanned thus immediately freeing up client office space to be utilised more efficiently.


Fast File Access

Scanning your records can help you share the information/content contained within those records instantly with a variety of users, such as staff and customers in multiple locations. 


Avoid Complications

Many organisations could not recover and continue to trade in the event of disaster such as a fire, flood, or sabotage. Scanned records can be an integral part of your organisations Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan by providing backup copies of your paper vital records in an easily portable digital format. 

How Does Our Rapid Response Service Work?


Clients can ship their key files to our secure storage facility. Upon arrival files are checked into our secure, 24hr CCTV monitored storage facility where they are indexed and prepared for scanning.

Looking To Digitise Your Documents?

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