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4 Ways Digitising Your Documents Can Enhance Your Business

As we move into a digital age, it is important to keep up with the times to enable your business to continuously thrive. Black Box offer scanning services, allowing you to convert your hard-copy documents into digital files which can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Digitising your documents is a great way to remove large volumes of paperwork and save money by cutting out expensive storage costs. Prior to the scanning process, we temporarily store your documents within our secure sea containers and once documents have been successfully scanned, you are then given the option to have your documents securely destroyed and recycled at no additional cost.

Having a digital copy of all documents is especially convenient in the new world of remote working as files can be quickly accessed and distributed between members of staff. Furthermore, users can access and edit files at the same time which increases collaboration and efficiency within your teams.

Digital records can be an integral part of your organisations Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. In the event of a fire or a flood, it is integral to have an accessible copy of all important records.

By going paperless and making your business digital, you are actively improving your sustainability. Research carried out by The World Counts suggests that 26% of waste at landfills is made up of paper. Our services allow you to digitise your existing documents before responsibly recycling your waste.

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