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Black Box introduce NEW AI OCR Engine

Updated: Apr 17

Black Box has been working with its partners over the past several months to develop an AI Enhanced OCR service that not only improves the accuracy of the text results produced, but is also capable of reliably converting handwritten text into a workable data asset that can be used alongside typed text to fulfil client data processing/analytical requirements.

Unlike some alternatives, by utilising a combination of AI OCR engines, we can safely offer our clients the ability to process data "in-house" without exposing ANY of their digitised files to unwanted eyes.

We have produced a number of demonstration videos that seek to highlight how not only how the accuracy of text searching capabilities has dramatically improved, but also to offer an insight into the unlimited opportunities that exist when combining the AI enhanced extracted data with an AI analytical too, such as the Microsoft CoPilot service used within our videos.

The attached video is the first in a series of videos that will hopefully demonstrate how we can use AI in a positive way to assist our clients with their day to day tasks.


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