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Black Box introduce NEW AI Data Capture Module

Black Box continues to enhance it's AI offerings throughout 2023.

In partnership with Chronoscan, we are now offering our clients the ability to extract data, be it from Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Contracts, Technical, Sales documents/files etc.. using our new AI Data Extraction Module.

Historically this was process only possible by using a set of complicated pre programmed regular expression rules combined with zonal OCR scanning templates. The whole process, was both extremely costly and time consuming and required constant updates as new templates had to be created to accommodate new suppliers or changes in designs.

Using the new AI Data Extraction module, this has all changed. By providing the module with a set of variable prompts/questions, we can now just add new documents, be they scanned, emailed or otherwise to our batch processor, which will then analyse each document before extracting the data required and exporting it into various formats.

We are no longer just restricted to "Accounts Payable" files, as the AI Prompts/Questions can be tailored to accommodate all document types. We can now offer our clients the ability to extract data from legal contracts, correspondence, delivery notes, HR application forms/reviews the list goes on and on.

Further, the enhanced AI module also allows the ability to split files at key points again by using the AI module to recognise key phrases or references within a multipage file. This is another manual process that is both time consuming and costly which is hopefully now destined to the history archives.

To find out more or to book an online demonstration on the new module, please either call 01622 321666 or email


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